While complete newbies who knew nothing about digital marketing or social media have used this New System to make between $1200-$5000 Online Without Spending Large Capital to Set up a store or import any product from China or Turkey…

Others who don't know this system are still wallowing in poverty, blaming the government, looking and hoping to get capital to start a business one day...

Unfortunately many don't get their wish,..

They continue the cycle, struggling and bearing heavy financial weight that wear them out..

But for the ones who have discovered this system and embraced it, their story has been one of Huge Financial Change.

Discover a proven system that is easy to follow and will make you

N3.6 million naira

by the end of the year.


Complete newbies are now legally making 30k-200k every single week with just their phones and this new cash generating system. 

Here are some proofs that this system works for anyone who has a brain and a smartphone.

Here are some proofs that this system works for anyone who has a brain and a smartphone.

You see, I know what you're thinking...

"What's this new system and how is it guaranteed to give me the success I desperately desire?

"Why should I  even trust this?"

You're skeptical, and this is good. Because this system is not something that you see everyday.
It's something different.
It's spectacular and brand new especially in Africa.
It will blow your mind in a few minutes and erase every last bit of your skepticism.
I want to introduce you to a new world that most people in Africa do not know about yet-

A world where regular people from all walks of life, students, youth corp members, lawyers, doctors, stay-at-home moms, unemployed youths and even regular traders are making as much as 107k every single week on the internet. And the crazy thing is this is done with just their smartphones and internet connection.

Yes, you read that right. The same smartphone and internet connection that many others use to watch endless videos on Instagram and TikTok, and to catch cruise on Twitter...

these few fortunate people have turned it into their money making machine.

These people are in no way better than you. Most of these people are not even half as smart as you are,

They only discovered this Powerful Online System, and they plugged in into it.

And that is EXACTLY what I'm going to be introducing you to right here.



What if you could wake up to N10,000 in your bank account EVERY SINGLE DAY?

That's 300k in 30 days

And that's N3.6 Million by the end of the year,

What if you could plan your day around what YOU want to do instead of a job...EVERY DAY?

What if you could go where you want to go...or do what you want to do...EVERY DAY?

Well, let me announce this to you right now: You can!

What just stumbled across right now is not a program that will pack a bunch of slides all over your screen and confuse you with different concepts,

or fill your head with all the techie and internet marketing terms but fail to put money in your pocket.

This is a system that will practically show you how to build a highly profitable affiliate marketing system in less than 72 hours.

You must have heard people who say, 

"Starting an online business and making money online is hard and complicated."

At least that's what we've been forced to believe.

But that's not true…

In fact, it shouldn't be complicated.

Alexander the Great walked into a city, saw an ox cart tied to a pole with a big knot.

According to legend, whoever could undo the knot would become king of Asia.

Thousands had tried and failed.

Alexander took out his sword and slashed the knot in half.

Took him 10 seconds.

"DUH...why didn't others think of that?”

Yep, Alex knew how to think outside the box.

Perhaps that's why he ended up building the largest empire of his time.

Others were trying to use their hands, he used a simple tool- his sharp sword.

Often, the best solutions, which also happen to be the simplest and the cheapest, are right there, on the surface.

Yet 99% of people are blind to them.

They're looking for complicated stuff.

Because supposedly it's better.

Because great solutions are supposed to be complicated, otherwise the solution isn't very good.

I beg to differ.

I started out using complicated and expensive stuff that made me even more confused and frustrated,

that I literally struggled for three long months not making a dime or even knowing what I was doing or where I was heading,

I was broke and lost…

Somehow by tweaking and testing, and asking questions, and even booking a clarity session with an American consultant and coach,

I started to see the beauty in simplicity, and ignored most of the jargons I was taught and told,

I focused on a few important things, and the results are what you see everywhere…

I was excited about my new results and starting sharing it with some people,

My new students started getting crazy results too, and I thought about documenting everything so I could help more people get out of financial mess,

and secure a solid financial future.

So this is a response to the cry of many people struggling to make ends meet,

Here's an extremely simple (not easy) solution to firing your boss or becoming your own boss, get out of debt and frustration to become a money making machine.

This system is so simple that even nursing mothers, busy final-year students,

medical practitioners, youth corps members, 9-5 workers,

and even house wives are using it to generate consistent daily and weekly income for themselves.

The interesting thing about this system is that it doesn't require you to have any skills, big start-up capital,

or spend hours creating products or importing anything from China or Turkey,

you don't even need a shop or a store to stock up products.

You only need your smartphone, internet connection and your brain, even if it's a half-brain.

In fact, this system has already been created from scratch to finish and all you have to do is plug in.

In essence, anybody can do this!


I'm going to walk you through this system and show you how you can use it to generate consistent income for yourself daily and weekly.

I will also show you the 3 Unfailing Strategies To Make your first bag$$$ in the next 7-14 days.

This is exactly what I gave to a struggling makeup artist last month that skyrocketed her income to 6 figures in a matter of only 8 days!

My friend, Emmanuel, applied these secrets last week and made N80,000 in just 72 hours.

A nursing mom who stays at home all day has used this system to generate over 200k for herself while sitting at home….

Jerry used this system to generate 125k for himself in only 7 days...

…and there are many others like you who use this system to make between 30k-120k per week!

I don't usually reveal these 3 Steps to the public, only my inner circle gets access to information like this.

That you're seeing this right now is your chance to walk into financial confidence and financial independence that may change the whole year for you and make all the difference…

This system shows you how to get Daily Commissions sent to you every single day of the week.

You won't EVER go a single week again without ever making money.

This step-by-step report reveals a system that...

  • Is Easy to Use
  • Allows you to potentially pocket online commissions every day

  • Requires zero techie skills

  • Requires zero building OR CREATING your own products

  • Is very affordable

  • Requires just your smartphone, and internet connection



The simplest online system to earning between 10k to 30k daily and over 200k monthly...

Want to know exactly what is in this program, and what it can do for you?



N90,000 a single week is a lot of money for a student. 

That's exactly 360k monthly. 

Imagine being busy like a final year student, yet with all the running around, you still pulled in N360,000 at the end of the month.

Per Seconds Money,

Imagine coming to tell me you had made 60k earlier, Few minutes later, you're running to tell me you just made another 20k. That's 80k in a single day. Crazy stuff.

It doesn't matter what you're doing or where you are at...

You can be in your kitchen, bedroom, even in your village and you will still be making money.

Imagine going to bed and waking up to credit alerts...well, that's part of the WCB experience.

He said, "30K, just like that..."

This is probably the easiest 30k he had made and he was stunned. You will be stunned too.

I know this is the best and simplest business model

If you have tried it all, relax. Life is not too hard. This is by far the simplest business model you will ever find. This is where you will be seeing what you're working for weekly and even daily!

DAILY, I am hit with a barrage of testimonies from people in my many communities of how they're elevating their status with the things we have taught them.

This will be your testimony too- I guarantee you that.

I will work with you to make a significant income than you're currently earning now in the next 30 days,

I will show you the inside of my 248k system, and how you can set this up for yourself.

You will also be learning


content creation,

profitable social media marketing, presentation skills, influencer marketing,

Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads,

Graphic Design with Canva and Pixellab, 

Organic lead generation, and Webpage design.

You will spend at least N20,000 for each of these skills if you were to learn them separately.

That's over N100,000 total if you decide to take separate courses to get these skills.

And not only will you get these skills, you will Finally know how to practical make money online daily with these skills.

I know you've been thinking about how you can make significant income online,

I know you are confused by all the noise you hear online about making money online,

In fact, that's the reason why I'm opening the door for you today,...

So that I can show you and simplify these things for you...

So that you can win and testify like most of my students in Mimshach Creators do.

I only make these calls once in a while because of the limited number of people I can work with in achieving their goals,

So this is definitely not for everyone because I can't give too many people my attention.

I can work with only the first 20 people who show that they're serious and interested in making at least 200k extra in the next 30 days.

ONLY 20 PEOPLE who make a commitment today,

I'm giving you access to the 248k Blueprint System today,

This is the same blueprint that generated 80k for Emmanuel in 72 hours. ONLY 3 DAYS!

The same blueprint that generated 125k for Jerry in One week!

The same Blueprint that generated 100k for Mrs. Eunice in a period of only 6 days,

This is a proven system that will bring consistent income for you weekly.

And that's not just it, I'm also giving you Weekly Commissions Bundle(WCB) which cost N20,000,

I'm also giving you Organic Traffic Mastery Machine which is N5,000 right now.

I'm giving this to THE FIRST 20 PEOPLE for a limited one-time fee of N20,000 ONLY TODAY,

Secure your spot by clicking on 'Keep My Spot Please!' Button below,

I won't offer this to you 48hours from now. Not because I can't, but because I only like to do business with decisive people.

I like to work with ONLY decisive people who want results and can take action fast.

And here's EXACTLY what you will get if you decide to make that life-changing move right now:

WCB(Weekly Commissions Bundle), currently discounted at N20,000 just for you

OTM, currently N5,000

Access To Mimshach Creators Den plus My weekly call sessions costs N20,000

That's N45,000 in total.

But I'm not charging you that today.

In this program, you're learning:


Web Page design,

Content creation,

Social media marketing,

presentation skills, influencer marketing,

Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads,

Graphic Design with Canva and Pixellab, 

Organic lead generation,

You will spend at least N20,000 to learn each of these skills if you were to learn them separately.

That's over N120,000 in total if you decide to take separate courses to get these skills.

Plus you will qualify to join BIG MOVE 2.0, that will launch on Thursday next week,

IT is an AGGRESSIVE campaign to take 20 newbies by the hand to earn their first 200k online in the next 30 days,

I won't say much about this though,

I understand most people prefer the hard way,

They want results but don't want to pay the price to get it.

But they eventually pay a bigger price later

It's called penny-wise, pound-foolish

I know you are not most people.

I know you are goal-driven and smart,

And here's what smart people do: they take opportunities as they come.

If you're interested in making 200k in the next 30 days from social media, you should join right now.

Frequently asked questions


You will find lots of products to promote in different affiliate networks which I'll show you. Products cover almost any niche that you're interested in working with.



Asking if this is legit is like going to a Market like Idumota and asking the man selling clothes and shoes if his business is legit.

There are no gray areas here: you are essentially just going to helping many experts promote and sell their unique digital products and you get paid for doing that. The reason why people make so much money from this that it makes it seem like they're doing fraud is because they have learned and mastered the business, and that is what WCB promises to make you achieve.


Sure you can. You can use your phone for almost everything. In fact, most of the people in WCB haven't started using a laptop yet they're making six figure with their smartphones. Most of the people in WCB don't use a laptop. They do everything that has generated consistent income for the using just their smartphones.


For all the platforms we are going to be working with, you get paid directly into your bank account.

The bank account must be the same name with the name you sign up with or else, you will not be paid. Payments on some platforms, like Selar, are daily. You get paid 24 hours after the sale. Others pay weekly.



Click on the Get Access or Sign Up Button and you will be redirected to a payment gateway where you can use either your ATM Card to complete the transaction or use any of the payment options available to complete the transaction and you will be granted immediate access to WCB..



Aside from the fact that you’re going to be making money from this program, you’re also going to be learning high-income skills which will add massive value to you and your life in general,

In fact, these skills can make you choose a new profession for yourself entirely, and make money using these skills to serve any business or industry.

Think about learning a skill like Facebook Advertising,

Each year, Businesses around the world pay people like you millions of dollars just to help them create and run ads to advertise their products to people on the internet.

Think about a skill like webpage and funnel design, this skill alone can change your entire life if you master it. People pay as much as N100,000 to even N400,000 to have a single one-page website or webpage set up for them.

Think about social media marketing,

Think about Influencer Marketing,

Think about Whatsapp marketing and WhatsApp automation,

Think about these things…

You empower yourself with these things and boost your value and self-confidence, coupled with the fact that you're still making money weekly and even daily

Other bonuses I'll be giving you include:

30+ WhatsApp TVs to work with.

8+ extra High Converting Copies

Word-for-word messaging template

The Facebook Stories Hackbook


✅Pack of High Converting Copies

✅WhatsApp Sales Burster

✅Secret A. I Follow Up Message Writer

✅WCB Promotions Pack

✅10+ Single Page Webpage Templates

✅WhatsApp Automation Blueprint

✅Content Buster Machine

✅Simplest Facebook Ad Course For Smartphone

✅Organic Traffic Mastery Machine

Remember, I can only guarentee you can get it at this 55% discount only today

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