E-Commerce: The Little Known Selling System You Can Use To Sell Over 200 Pieces of a Product Online in Less Than 60 Days - Raking in over N826,000 Profit

by Osayande Paul
Ugbowo | March 9, 2022

In April 2021, I organized a class for everyone who was selling their products on their WhatsApp status. These included my fans, friends and even church members.

I was totally fed up with receiving messages like:

  • Repost for me
  • My customers can be on your Contact List
  • Please patronize me
  • Show us the way nah

All these things drive me crazy. For the fact you are doing business doesn't mean you should be a pest to others.

So I organized the class where I promised to teach them how to do E-commerce the right way and make far more money than what they were currently making.

The news of the class got viral and even people who were looking for a business to start got into the group as well.

It was a 2 day WhatsApp class of about 3 hours each.

At the end of the class, I decided to implement what I thought for them to see.

I partner with someone on the group who will do the work while I supervise and boommmm

We did over N500k within a month.

Let me not bore you with stories. This is the exact steps we took.

A Quick Breakdown Of The Steps We Took To Outsell Our Products In Less Than 2 Months

1. We Searched For a Sellable & IN demand Product To Sell:

This is actually the first step to take in order to succeed with the ecommerce business.

One thing I will never advise you to do is to sell a commodity.

For the fact everybody is selling jeans on their status should scare you out of it.

I love picking uncommon products that I know the Nigeria Market would love to buy - This is so Key.

Most of the times, you don't have to import them. They may just be around you (More on this later).

So we found a product called Anycast

Anycast is a wireless device that allows you to watch your phone's screen on your television even if it is not a smart TV.

With anycast, you can watch YouTube videos from your phone on your TV, play games on your phone and view them on your TV.... It more like it converts your TV to a smart TV.

So after doing some research using what I call "the eCommerce Product Litmus Test", we were sure it was going to sell. So we imported 30 Pieces and it got to us at a cost of N2700 a piece.

Warning: You MUST ONLY import products that are PROVEN to sell.

2. We Created a Simple Sales Page Online for People To See the Product, Videos of it in Action and Place an Order:

It is very easy to do this Today.

We used a software known as WordPress to create the sales page while we recorded the videos using our phones.

Then at the end of the sales page, we included an order button that directed them to our WhatsApp to place an order.

I teach this topic from time to time and you can even hire someone to get it done for you.

3. We Got Thousands of People to our Sales page:

Now this is where the real magic happens, we didn't have to post anything about our product on our status or beg people to buy from us.

We simply ran Facebook ads.


Millions of Nigerians like you are on Facebook daily, so we can pay Facebook to get some of them see our adverts.

It may even surprise you to know that Facebook advertising is currently the cheapest I have used.

With as low as N1000 a day, over 2000 people in Nigeria can see your advert.

Facebook can charge you as low as N400 for 1000 people to see your advert.

1000 human beings o.

Think about it; If 2000 people see your advert, only about 80 of them will click through to get to your sales page and then from experience, 5 will place an order and 3 to 4 will end up being buyers

That is because 1 may cancel the order.

So we spend our N500 to get a sale.

Can you remember how much we bought the product?

I told you N2700.

We were selling it for N14,000

I know you are surprised... That is how the big boys cash out online.

However, by the time we are done, our profit was about N6500 a piece.

N3500 on average went for delivery (we offer free delivery to lure them, meanwhile the delivery fee is already added to the product price).

4. We Used Pay on Delivery:

Pay on delivery is a fantastic way to get more sales than when you ask people to pay upfront.


Many Nigerians are skeptical about buying things online from someone they don't know.

But when you give them the chance to pay on delivery, you will get more sales.

You will also get some returns but it won't matter and it won't be much if you follow the next advice.

5. We Delivered The Products Nationwide Within 24 - 48 Hours:

We Delivered The Products To Buyers Around Nigeria Using GIG Linguistics. They will pick it up from our home and deliver it to the buyer anywhere around Nigeria within 3 days.


By the time we were done selling the 30 pieces we initially imported, we had made over N180,000

Off course, we didn't stop na, we imported more and sold well above 200 pieces.

So why are you and many Nigerians not doing this so that you can stop disturbing people to repost or even buy from you?

God forbid I beg in Business Ooo.

How many people can you even beg or force to repost for you compared to my ads that can reach over 15000 people a day?

But Just like I presume, many Nigerians don't know about this selling system or they have probably tried it with the wrong approach and failed.

You can make millions from a single product when you use this smart e-commerce approach

Later on, you can expand to more products.

Right now, the overall E-commerce business in Nigeria is booming.

According to a study published on Leadership.ng, the E-commerce industry in Nigeria is now worth $13 Billion (N4.5 Trillion) as you can see below:

This is one of the reasons why I highly recommend this business model.

I also recommend the Smart E-commerce business model because:

  • The market for physical products is HUGE and UNLIMITED (you will never run out of products to sell)
  • You don't need a shop or office to start
  • And the profits can be fast and crazy

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One more thing...

In case you are having doubts about if this business model will work for you or not, my answer to that is - IT WILL WORK FOR YOU

As long as you follow the simple rules that I will be giving in the free training. For some of you, the information in the post is even enough to get started

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