Generate Your first 1000 Leads in less than 10 Days with Facebook Ads

1000+  leads with less than N18,000 spent on Ads

1000+  leads with less than N18,000 spent on Ads

You have probably heard lots of people say that they make six figures online and this has made you curious…

So you have started out online but you don’t make six figures and you’re probably wondering and asking yourself right now….

“Was I deceived??”

Today, I want to tell you a secret that they all kept away from you:

Before you make 6-figures online, you must have generated at least 1000 leads.

Yeah, that’s it. You heard me.

So let’s say you’re selling an offer that cost N10,000…

If you have 1,000 leads and you really suck at marketing, you should be able to sell at least 10 copies or packs of your product.

And 10 x N10,000 is N100,000

Let’s say your offer is N20,000.

That's a cool N200,000 for you.

In fact, this is exactly what I enjoy…

and many others who have learned this secret from me enjoy it too…

At just 1% conversion rate (i.e selling to only 10 people out of 1000 people), you could be on your way to six figures online assuming your product is N10,000

If your product costs more than N10,000 then you're in for more money….

And that's what I want to help you achieve…

THEN you can finally make sales like this:

I sell consistently because I generate leads daily

Just Selling 4 of your 10k offer daily is 40k daily.

Imagine waking up to 110k in the morning. 90k commissions for selling 3 products and then 20k from selling my own product.

45k before day break.

I sell diferent offers and I make  sales for almost all of them all the time.

In fact, many have used this  system to build their lists and make massive profits selling to their list.

7k list in less than 3 months

I was working as a cleaner in a big event center

I was working as a cleaner in a big event center

I was working as a cleaner in a big event center

So for a limited time, 

For a small fee of N1,000, 

I will show you exactly how you can get your first 1,000 leads easily to your WhatsApp 

Not only that, I will show you how to automate your WhatsApp so that you can manage these new leads without getting stressed out with the workload….

So, no long talks if you're ready to scale to six figures right now, then you have to start with your lead generation game…

Get started now.

N1,000 only

The offer goes to the original price in a few...

Get it Now





Want to pay using direct bank transfer? Have further concerns or payment issues? Click HERE to message me on WhatsApp 

Your first 1000 leads start here..


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