How A Nurse Passed The DAYAT Principle To Me and How It Transformed My Life, Jerry's, Ola's, Emma's, Eunice's, Fola's and Kemi's Finances.

It could change yours too!

This is the last part of my promise, so read to the very end.

By the time you finish reading this, you will find a simple life transformation tool a nurse gave to me in 2021 and how I have given it to others to transform their lives too.

You will finally find out how effective DAYAT is and how you can use it to solve most of your money problems in 2023.

Not only that, you will also be able to pass DAYAT to others too and truly become a blessing to your circle.

In 2021 while I struggled to make headway in life, and my boss finally angered me to the point of asking me to wash two big stinky trash cans(big drums),

Something remarkable happened in my life…

I finally Made Up My Mind that I will get out of the grind and end poverty.

That decision was what put me on the path that I am currently walking today…

But making that decision was not just enough…

Apparently, I was angry at life and angry with my status, I was tired of being broke and disrespected.

I was working as a cleaner in a big event center

I wanted a change, but how?

How can I change my status and story?

I thought about it for many days,

But God always brings our desires to us somehow…

One day, during my mindless and aimless and yeyely scrolling on Facebook, I met this man preaching.

Uchendu Obialor is his name, he was preaching the gospel - "You can have a better life."

"You can change your finances, you can stop being broke." 

And sometimes he takes it to the extreme to say things like 'Boss, get lost!' 'Fire your boss!'


I finally borrowed money from my good friend and coursemate to subscribe to his mentorship and started learning from him and his community.

Two months passed and I was not even doing anything…

I was still broke and even more frustrated.

I was just looking, sitting in an ocean of rich people yet I have never had an experience of it.

Then one day, inside that community, I met a nurse, her name is Nora.

Then I asked her what I could do to save my life.

She told me the secret that I want to share with you today.

This same principle changed my life and countless others who have followed it.

So here is what she told me, 

she said,


And that was it!

I followed her and DID what I saw her doing.

She would say go on Twitter and get the work done.

I will go there and Do as I was told every day…

And on the 16th day, I received 75k into my account…

"Oh, this is cool!" I thought.


My stinky sticky cleaning job gives me 30k every 30 days, and sometimes I even work on Saturdays and Sundays.

But just 16 days of DAYAT and wow…

I got more committed and the second month was the first time in my life I broke the six figure barrier from my income.

I earned a little above 250k for the first time and it wasn't just amazing, it was surreal…

I entered that heavenly space and remained there.

I was working as a cleaner in a big event center

I was working as a cleaner in a big event center

I was working as a cleaner in a big event center

I met lots of struggling people online too and got really concerned so I decided I would help them.

But I applied the wrong approach, I made some costly assumptions about how people learn and that came back to haunt me.

I thought video tutorials were fine and were just okay, but I forgot that they didn't work for me.

Students would tell me they had finished watching videos but were lost and confused…

They couldn't implement anything.

In fact, some of them tried guilt-tripping me.

It was really emotional…

I wasn't at peace with myself, my conscience would prick me daily.

So I had to pause. 

I analyzed how I learnt and started getting results - it was DAYAT!

Why not use DAYAT?

I practically started taking them by the hand showing them how to succeed online, I even went as far as helping some of them do their work, webinars and all…lol.

It was crazy. The work was taking a toll on me.

There was too much pressure on me and I had too many people to deal with. 

And that’s when I was forced to create OTMM to save my people and also develop the DAYAT Blueprint in its simplest form so everyone could follow it without much supervision.

I will show you, and then tell you to go do what I showed you in real time and document your result…

And that’s when I started seeing some of them doing 60k weekly, 80k, 90k and even 125k weekly.

Just then, I was filled with a sense of fulfillment and purpose again.

So you see those my students’ video testimonials on the featured stories on my profile and my website?

They all sent them because they were truly grateful.

I was working as a cleaner in a big event center

I was working as a cleaner in a big event center

I was working as a cleaner in a big event center

I was working as a cleaner in a big event center

So I didn’t create OTMM for everyone, I created it for my circle. But it turned out that the world too had the same problem they were having and so I decided to give it to the public.

It has comfortably and passively done more than 300k since then…(passively *wink*)

I didn’t pursue money…

And I won't pursue money.

I only solve problems and get rewarded and that's what good people do.

Good people help people and they get paid, and that's what affiliates do.

Some affiliates get paid connecting people who have high blood pressure with a program that helps them drastically reduce and permanently crush high blood pressure. 

Is that not saving lives, if you ask me?

Some connect students who want to study abroad with programs that help them crush IELTS and relocate abroad. Is this not noble enough?

Imagine getting paid 50k to 90k, 100-200k weekly for saving lives…

Imagine doing something noble and being rewarded.

Some big businesses in the travel niche also connect students with schools abroad and they get rewarded commissions over $1000 per connection and also get recurring commissions on school fees paid…

But you don't know this, I work in the industry that's why I'm telling you about this.

It would really be unfair if I stopped you from operating an affiliate-model business.

I would be a very w!cked person to hinder you from doing what pays me, my students and many big businesses.

Undoubtedly, it is very profitable, especially if you promote digital products but it is highly tasking…

But what would you rather do, would you rather just sit and do what is popular and easy, 

or would you rather choose the path of discipline and commitment that leads to financial independence?

The choice is yours.

But when you choose the later path today, be sure you will make more money than you have ever made, 

and be sure that you could even become financially independent if you don't suck at managing money…

That's why I want to give you the opportunity again…

I don't do these calls often and you know it.

I want to show you exactly how that nurse used DAYAT in helping me and how I have used DAYAT to help others too.

You don't need to know anything really…

Just DAYAT - Do As You Are Told.

Kevin Ogunbiyi was a shoemaker a few years ago, but he is no longer one today. 

In fact, after doing more than 16 million naira from affiliate marketing, he got on a vacation to Dubai, came back home and then he decided he was going to help others too.

We share the same vision.

After spending 3 long months, long sleepless nights documenting everything he did to get the level of success he got in business, he decided that learning from all his pain and success shouldn't cost you like it cost him.

In fact, as if that was not just enough, he reached out to me and other people who were succeeding online and included our experience and expertise too.

It is rightly called the Super Affiliate Marketing Made Easy With Smartphone Program(SAMME)

In this particular program, you are going to learn the powerful strategies you can use to generate 100k to 200k, get paid between 30k to 120k weekly as an affiliate, and finally be able to solve most of your money problems.

You will be learning from Kelvin, me and others who have solid proofs.

Normally if you attend an event or program to learn these underground secrets, it would cost you nothing less than N50,000.

That would be N100,000 if you add my own fee on it. But for humanity sake, Kelvin is being too nice. I am honestly not so nice like him.

All you need to get access to SAMME, get access to Kelvin himself and get access to me and my DAYAT formula community is just N25,000 today.

N20,000, that's just the price of two pizzas, and a Coldstone Ice cream with some toppings.

One thing about pizzas and ice cream is that you will finally throw them away in the toilet after eating them, but this SAMME will permanently put you in a position where making money weekly and even daily will become the norm for you.

Which is a better decision this year, buying fast food you would eventually defecate or buying something that you will be grateful for forever…

The decision is up to you.

So if you have decided to take that decision today, I will guide you right now, but before anything.

Please promise me you won't become arrogant like me once start getting results by following DAYAT and also learning from SAMME, 

Please promise me you won't make demeaning remarks about people who earn less income.

Please promise me you will manage your money well, and also be a blessing to others around you.

You promised?

Okay great 👍..

So here's what to do next, click on the button below.

I will grant access to only the first 10 people and give them access to SAMME and access to the DAYAT community for just N25,000 today.

I won't be able to take more than 10 people today because it would be impossible for me to use the DAYAT formula with plenty of people.

I am only one man and I will be worn out if I do give attention to more than 10 people…

It's first come, first serve…

Remember, it's just 10....


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