How I FINALLY ACHIEVED MY study in Canada Dreams after 10 years of failure with Agents- Leye's Story.

After two heartbreaking visa refusals, Leye finally found his way to Canada!

Leye's journey to study in Canada was tough...

Just like yours probably is... (or was)

He shares his disappointments with agents that led to 2 study visa refusals, and how he finally broke FREE and got his visa approved after using the canada japa system.

Watch his video and learn from him on how to make your Canada Dreams come true.

Remember what I have always told you...

"Nobody got you like you do....Only the wearer knows where the shoe pinches."

Leye's agent, having collected money from him, didn't care much...

His issue got complicated because his agent didn't pay meticulous attention to details

And that cost him time...

In this journey, time is your most valuable asset...

Don't Waste It.

But the problem is that you think you have time...

But you don't really do.

Canada Immigration Policies change from time. 

It was quite easier to get to get to Canada few years ago than it is today....

But now...

The policies are getting stricter by the day and it would make every sense to start your journey now that you still can...

Trust me, it won't be any easier next year. It will be even stricter, toucher, harder...

The earlier you start, the better for you.

We've gotten over 55 visa approval in 2023 already!!!

Yours could be next....

The Canada Japa System Works Powerfully!

Here's Exactly What You're Getting:

  • The 'secret' sauce you need to pave the way for your Canada relocation

  •  A comprehensive (step by step) system that YOU can follow starting TODAY!

  • - A Simple Easy To Use School Search Tool that you don’t need to crack your head to search for schools or programs

  • - A Database of schools and programs with the most popular programs showing all details for prospective students that is continually updated 

  • - Access to long term international affordable study loans for those without funding/full scholarship and need funds to study.

  •  Database of scholarships that can support you to study in Canada
  • - Sample templates you can just copy and model (letters, statement of purpose, emails)
  • - The strategies and little known tips to improve your study visa approval the first time!

  • - Step by Step guide and strategies on how your family can join you in Canada

  • - Professional help to process your admission and visa application if you need professional processing

  • - Access to me and my team for basic support and guidance.

All these is worth over N750,000

BUT Because you've finally come to this point and made this decision, I will be more generous to you today than I have ever been....

So instead of paying N750,000 I will let you pay N50,000 ONLY TODAY.

Remember, it's all in your hands....

and time is running out.

Let's be honest here……..

If you want to relocate to Canada, and cannot invest N50,000 for a product that will walk you through the process in a simple 'no hassle' way, then maybe Canada is probabl not faor you (and I say that with no malice because not everyone will actually be able to relocate).

The truth is you're going to spend some money and if you can't spend N50,000 right now, you're probably not ready for this journey.

You may just be a dreamer...

and while it's good to dream, it is also good to know that dreams do come true when we start making move and we take the leap of faith.

All these people down here took the leap of faith, got into the program, got the right information, got the support of our team and consultants and today their Canada dreams have finally come true.

She got a visa for herself and her son.

I was working as a cleaner in a big event center

I was working as a cleaner in a big event center

I was working as a Her husband's visa finally got approved 

Another Visa secured a

$10,000 CAD scholarship secured.


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